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Takasago International Corporation (高砂香料工業株式会社, Takasago Kōryō Kōgyō Kabushiki-gaisha) is a major international producer of flavours and fragrances headquartered in Japan, with presence in 27 countries and regions worldwide.


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"very unprofessional from management to HR can't wait to find a new job lack of leadership"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management suck. Place is ruled by decisive managers and HR who have no idea how to manage change apart from firing people."

Former Employee - Maintenance says

"Benefits low quality. HR covers up any concerns you have regarding pay. Management pushes workers with out double checking work. Won’t take responsibility for actions just fire you. A lot of cover up, by all departments. Depending on department but real awkward work place. Workers argue behind each other’s backs. Equipment outdated and done in house by un professional personnel. Worst company I’ve worked for."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The following is in regards to how I and other employees at Takasago Harriman feel as far as the treatment of employees within the company. I have noticed that certain employees within the company have been receiving favoritism from the supervisors or those in power within the company; meanwhile there are employees and former employees that were reprimanded and even terminated for violating the company polices or having accidents. There have been employees that have had accidents in the facility and have not been retrained or dealt with until days later, meanwhile I have seen the same thing happen with African American employees and they have been immediately dealt with or even terminated. I have also noticed how there have been employees who have been suspended and even terminated by the company who are also African American for the attendance policy but there are other employees who have constantly violated the policy and are still working without any repercussions. Even when being talk too some of the supervisors in the facility will not even make eye contact with you if you are African American. It is very demoralizing to see this happen and go through this on a day to day basis. I would like to see things change and Takasago be like it used to be, a place where everyone would be treated equal and I am not alone in these feelings. We are all human and no one should be treated differently based on their race. And just recently one more black employee was terminated for nothing after he gave his two week notice."


"bad management they suck bad"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"Make sure you know who you will report to and their management style No support - Its what are you going to do for me - No sense of team or team support NIPPON Health Care Fragrance smell Lots of micro management"

Current Employee - Compounding Chemist says

"Too many too list, god where to start? 401k sucks, benefits are deplorable, only people that are somewhat happy are the overpaid mid to upper management."


"- Everything else imaginable - Horrible place to work - Upper management is as close to pathetic as you can get, disgusting human beings who have no idea how to treat anyone with any amount of respect - HR is not there to protect their employees that are being harassed, mistreated, or bullied; they are there to protect their failing company"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very low morale caused by incompetent management and HR. Employees are instructed not to complain. You must walk around with a smile at all times. If you go to HR, you are listed as a problem child and your career is over. I'd that to emphasize that employees are treated very poorly at this company. There are absolutely zero perks to work here. Training doesn't exist which is leading to turmoil within. If the FDA had the authority to audit no doubt there would be a list of violations. No training manuals, no record keeping..the list goes on. The implementation of failing system. They are still fixing issues that should have been resolved during the testing period but again you couldn't complain at that time for fear of repercussions by management. Work Life balance is poor. They are not flexible with timely any means. You can come into work early and stay late but if you need to leave fifteen minutes early, better be sure to make that time up during your lunch break. For new employees you get 10days PTO for the first year. What a shame. Salaries are low for industry. Benefits are not that great."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This is not a company that you can grow in, if you start with a low or average salary, you will inch along for years since the raises and bonuses are low. And the promotions are rare and do not mean anything for most departments. Work morale is really low, no one wants to work hard here and no one trusts management. This is a 9-5pm, go in and get out company. Also, upper management is extremely patronizing and inflexible."

Support Team (Current Employee) says

"If you are established in your career, don't bother with this company. Cutthroat culture and bullying management style. Too much finger pointing, teamwork doesn't exist. There are no established SOP's which means no sense of direction. You have to guess on what to do since job training doesn't exist. Double standards by leadership leading to low morale. Upper management has been it clear they don't want to know or hear of employee disengagement. "There's the Door" type attitude by them. They've recently changed PTO policy. They offered zero PTO days for the first 6 months. After that you were allowed 6 PTO days for the year. I imagine they changed it for legal reasons. Work-Life life balance is poor. This company is not flexible with time so be aware you will be forced to take PTO time frequently.NonePto, No Training, Poor Work-Life Balance"

Sales Support / Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work because of upper and midlevel management. Also, nepotism is rampant within this company. Managers do know what they are doing and are not knowledgeable in the production process.Dept manager was niceUpper and Mid level management don't know anything"

IT Support (Former Employee) says

"Great Family oriented people. Most mangers good to work with. But when they have a problem with you they don't work it out with you, they just let you go. No matter how long you have worked there.great people.back stabbing, top managment."

Compounder (Former Employee) says

"Fifth largest manufacturer of flavors and fragrances. The work environment is good with a 35 hr work week,"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"Management supports the lazy. Mismanagement is rampant. Management allows the populous to do the bare minimum. The work is easy mostly forklift driving.Easy workPreach team but nonexistence"

Lead operator (Former Employee) says

"It bad workplace culture. I didn't learn much. In return I showed to operators right way to spry drying powder How to run big spray drying system via automatic control panel and prepare emulsion for spray drying in process designated according to SOP.new work experienceno career growth"

Flavor Laboratory Technician (Current Employee) says

"The benefits aren't that great. There isn't much opportunity to move up in your roles. The company is trying to improve the culture of the company though. They're holding different town hall meetings and focus groups so employees can voice their concerns. Overall, I do wish there were more chances to move up and get promoted."

Flavor Technician, Flavor Division (Current Employee) says

"Once you start your shift, You have a daily meeting about what needs to be completed for the day and expect immediate rushes for clients who want a certain flavor within a couple days. My co-workers are generally nice people. Everyone on staff for the most part believes in working as a team. The most enjoyable part about the job is learning new about new flavor or raw ingredients. The reactions that take place when formulated a specific flavor."

Purchasing Agent (Former Employee) says

"co-worker were great. Management would not give you the support and tools needed to perform your job. The job was intense and diverse and I loved it. While training was taking place and there was a down fall constructive criticism was never choice. Management feelings were you are what I scrape off my shoes and I will prove it.. I asked for a review after 6 months a never received one.healthcareManagement (supervisior)"